Extra virgin Olive Oil

Being on the northernmost limits of olive oil production in Italy gives unique character and flavour to our oil.  Thanks to the good effects of the beautiful Lake water, this noble and ancient plant so typical of the Mediterranean grows well enough here to supply plenty of olives for oil.  It is well known that Olive Oil  is very good for your health.

In our Agriturismo you can taste and buy the oil made from the olives grown for tens of years by our family. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made from the first pressing of the fresh olives which is only filtered and the water separated out.  The climate, the land and the variety of olives characterize the organic quality of the oil and its scent and taste of sweet almonds
Red, white and rosè

The wines served at the Agriturismo are made in part from the grapes grown here turned into wine at the local Cantina.
You can choose from Red, White and Rosé wines which can also be bought from the local shop.
Meat and cheese

The meats and cheeses used by the Agriturismo are all produced either by Le Dase or by other local producers.
The meats that you can try are salami, bacon and the famous salted marinated beef (Carne Salata) “La Tenerona del baldo”
La slepa

The Convivio Association promotes high quality and safe meats applying the strictest environmental regulations adopted in Baldo Veronese and Trentino.
It is proud to present the T-Bone Steak called "La Slepa" (from 500gr to 1000gr).

The Convivio Association is against use of GMO's and guarantees the good health of and good living conditions for the animals; it certifies their origin. You'll find these selected meats in all restaurants, butcheries and farms displaying the quality trade mark "La Slepa".
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