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Zero Kilometre sustainable production

Good and healthy meat

The meat that we buy to use in our restaurant is chosen by family vote: the whole family votes and decides which meat will be used.

The cuts that you will find in our restaurant come from butchers and farms that guarantee quality and that the animals have been raised on Free Range principles, usually on Monte Baldo and Prai with a good view over our Lake!

Our Carne Salada

If we don’t make our own Carne Salada, it only comes from a trusted source in Trentino.

We are sure that the animals have been raised as “free range” and that the meat is prepared straight away as Carne Salada (marinated) without other intervening processes.

Here we like to serve it as Carpaccio with our Delnoss Oil and flakes of Monte Baldo cheese from the dairy at Sabbionara.

Our cold cuts

Nel nostro antipasto ci sono due tipi di salumi: salame e pancetta, pochi ma buoni.

In our antipasto, you will find two types of cold cuts: Salami and Bacon – just a bit but very good!

In the winter we buy ‘porsei’ (pork) from a Trentina farm: when it has been cut up we bring it to the Agriturismo where it’s the job of the men in the family to produce our delicious salamis… always under the watchful expert eyes of Laura and Margherita!

Our meat sauce

We make a meat sauce from beef from our very own cows. There is a cowshed near our restaurant and the cows are taken from there every summer to spend a happy time in the Alpine pastures.  It’s Laura who is responsible for cooking the meat sauce, using herbs from our garden, and the sauce is served with our homemade pasta made with our own eggs.

Our red meats

Ribs, Fillet, Steak and Sirloin are the basic ingredients for our Menu and always present on it. We usually add on dishes from other cuts of meat such as Picanha and Tomahawk. Everything is cooked on the grill by our expert Matteo.

During the year, we choose other beef from various trusted butchers who we trust for the professionalism and shared philosophy, knowing that they know where the cows have come from and how they were raised. As well as producing ribs and steaks we use the meat for meat sauce and Tarare.

The Slepa

The Slepa is a particular cut of beef, a big tasty steak on the bone. Our best is the Bisteccona “La Slepa” which is between 500g and 1000g.  It a wonderful cut of meat, tender and tasty, which Matteo will cook on the grill to your taste. We can always tell you where and how the cow was raised if you are interested, as this is important. 

The meat comes from cows raised on Monte Baldo. The idea behind the Slepa came from someone who knows and value Monte Baldo produced meat and sells it as a quality product raised under strict conditions in the Baldo Veronese Trentino area.
This person guarantees the information about the sustainable production, animal welfare and absolutely no GMO material.
You will often find this ‘Convivio’ product in restaurants, agriturismo, butchers and farm shops and it always bears the name La Slepa.

Our white meat

You can also enjoy delicately flavoured white meat in our restaurant. There is our home raised rabbit meat used for boiled meat and soups. These animals are raised near the Agriturismo in a big barn near the cows. We also have a chicken yard where the eggs produced are used by Laura to make our pasta.

Every single decision, even the difficult ones, is carefully taken to be able to always guarantee the quality of our meat as what we serve at table is what we eat at home and therefore it has to be the best.


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402 recensioni

Best beef!!!!!

If you want to try the best grilled beef with polenta around Garda Lake you have to come here!!!!! The place is beautiful!!! They are selling olive oil and wine which is made by themselves!!!!!


We had dinner for two and what can I say, everything was perfect! Yummy food, you feel it is home made with fresh and good ingredients. Very good meat, sweet milk w caramel really sublime. Value for money like few restaurants visited until now. I recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Malcesine!

Delicious meat

The best place in Malcesine to enjoy a delicious piece of meat! The service is great and really friendly! It's the perfect place for meat lovers! Strongly recommended!

Simple but delicious

Wonderful rustic atmosphere, friendly service, and very good (though simple) food. Top notch ingredients. The grill is mouthwatering and desserts should not be missed either. There is a playground for kids too which contributes to the nice relaxed atmosphere. Definitely make a reservation!

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