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Polenta Carbonèra

This is a local Lake Garda dish, made with cheese from Monte Baldo and extra virgin olive oil

Carbonera is a traditional local dish: a happy meeting of the coastal oil production and cheese made from herds grazing on Monte Baldo.

It’s poor person’s food but tasty and substantial and even better eaten at a local festivity.

At the Le Dase Agriturismo, we use our Delnoss oil, local cheeses and we are proud to note that no other Malcesine restaurant offers Carbonèra on their menu.

It’s great as a dish by itself and still good the next day.

How you prepare it

Here’s our recipe for our Carbonèra:


  • 1 kg medium yellow (corn) flour
  • 2 kg mixed cheeses from the Baldo  mountain huts such as Monte Veronese (seasoned or fresh).
  • a pinch of salt
  • 350 g of Malcesine extra virgin olive oil
  • 6 l of water


Boil the water in a copper pan. Add the salt, sprinkle in the flour and cook for about 20 minutes. Spend the time slowly adding the cheese cut into small pieces. Mix carefully making sure that it doesn’t stick to the pan.

Then cook for about 40 minutes, pour the oil in as a stream and mix.

Now your Carbonèra is ready to be served and eaten!


180 recensioni
402 recensioni

Best beef!!!!!

If you want to try the best grilled beef with polenta around Garda Lake you have to come here!!!!! The place is beautiful!!! They are selling olive oil and wine which is made by themselves!!!!!


We had dinner for two and what can I say, everything was perfect! Yummy food, you feel it is home made with fresh and good ingredients. Very good meat, sweet milk w caramel really sublime. Value for money like few restaurants visited until now. I recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Malcesine!

Delicious meat

The best place in Malcesine to enjoy a delicious piece of meat! The service is great and really friendly! It's the perfect place for meat lovers! Strongly recommended!

Simple but delicious

Wonderful rustic atmosphere, friendly service, and very good (though simple) food. Top notch ingredients. The grill is mouthwatering and desserts should not be missed either. There is a playground for kids too which contributes to the nice relaxed atmosphere. Definitely make a reservation!

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