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The Le Dase Agriturismo Restaurant

Really good grilled meat, polenta and carbonera, home grown vegetables and Laura’s specialities

Our menu is very restricted but all the dishes are prepared with passion and this guarantees the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

We welcome you with an explosion of flowers throughout our garden and a tractor and an old blue Fiat 500 covered with flowers.

Your welcoming ceremony is completed by the delicious smell of good meat on the grill. Nothing is as good as this kind of perfume!

In the winter, you will eat in a large dining room or on the heated verandah, while in the summer we open the verandah and put out many tables in the garden, some more secluded and decidedly romantic.

The atmosphere is relaxed and informal, perfect to get away from the frenzy and confusion of everyday life. You will enjoy eating with  a backdrop of other happy eaters and we try to offer a setting without useless frills, simple, genuine and serene.


Our menu is very restricted but all the dishes are prepared with passion and this guarantees the freshness and quality of the ingredients.

Our choice to have a simple menu is because it is important to us to serve “little but good” and we hate waste. Every dish is prepared in the kitchen carefully and lovingly, from the antipasti to the homemade puddings.

Few dishes but of good quality, simply cooked, not messed around with and all based on the best raw ingredients.

Our meat is really good, and we don’t need to do anything other than give it to Matteo to know it will be cooked with passion and attention.

Laura prepares all our pasta using eggs from our chickens. Puddings change with the seasons and what is available: we use our own jams, fruits of the forest from our vegetable patch and obviously our own eggs. 

There is nothing precooked on our menu: it’s all cooked when ordered. If you have to wait a little longer, it’s all worth it. 

It really helps us to be organised if you book in advance, especially to allocate you the table of your choice. 

We hold our customers in our hearts and want to offer you the best.

We are a family and we like to welcome our customers as if to our own home, treating you all simply but with care.

Events and parties 

Do you want to organise a party, a dinner or a work lunch, a birthday, a friends get together or a small event? With some forward planning to ensure a special party, you can reserve our dining room or the verandah at any time and agree with us the menu.

Opening hours

DINNER 18.30 – 22.00
We are open every weekend from the week before Easter until the first of May.
Then, from May to October, we are open every day apart from Monday when we rest! And again, from the second week in October until the 31st December, we are open every weekend.

LUNCH 12.00 – 14.00, ONLY ON SUNDAY
On Sunday we are also open for lunch except from the middle of July to the middle of August when it is too hot!

If you have any questions, WhatsApp Margherita.

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180 recensioni
402 recensioni

Best beef!!!!!

If you want to try the best grilled beef with polenta around Garda Lake you have to come here!!!!! The place is beautiful!!! They are selling olive oil and wine which is made by themselves!!!!!


We had dinner for two and what can I say, everything was perfect! Yummy food, you feel it is home made with fresh and good ingredients. Very good meat, sweet milk w caramel really sublime. Value for money like few restaurants visited until now. I recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Malcesine!

Delicious meat

The best place in Malcesine to enjoy a delicious piece of meat! The service is great and really friendly! It's the perfect place for meat lovers! Strongly recommended!

Simple but delicious

Wonderful rustic atmosphere, friendly service, and very good (though simple) food. Top notch ingredients. The grill is mouthwatering and desserts should not be missed either. There is a playground for kids too which contributes to the nice relaxed atmosphere. Definitely make a reservation!

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