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Le Dase Agriturismo at Malcesine

Good Meat and a relaxing holiday at Lake Garda

The Le Dase Agriturismo is in Malcesine, on a hill, in an olive grove just a short walk from the Monte Baldo Cable Car.

The main building is the original hay barn restored in a simple rural style.

The Agriturismo offers its clients a natural environment where they can recharge their batteries: a quiet place on a hill near the Lake where you can shelter from the stresses of everyday life with a restaurant offering simple traditional food.

What is Le Dase?

We chose this name because it’s all about The Olive.

The Dase are the lower branches of the Olive tree.

Even the names of our apartments (Mignole and Drupa) are the italian for the fruit and flowers of the tree. Our second building is called Casaliva which is the indigenous name of the Malcesine Olive. The apartments in the main building have olive related names too: Orto means vegetable patch, Vigna is a vineyard and Olivo is … the Olive!

Le Dase is a family run Agriturismo.

We are a large family who are happy to supply you with good meat, 5 comfortable and welcoming holiday apartments, several Olive Groves, vegetable patches, animal barns and, since 2019, a vineyard!

Come and find us on the Lake Garda hills!

You can spend time with us in the hills surrounded by greenery: eat our delicious meat on the verandah decorated with wooden sculptures and our garden full of red flowers.

Carne alla Griglia all'Agriturismo Le Dase a Malcesine, Lake Garda

You can have a tranquil holiday with everything that will make it a unique experience.

The main crop at the Agriturismo is Olives.

We have about 600 olive trees of the Cultivar Casaliva species in 5 Olive groves in the Malcesine area.

From these plants we can offer high quality and genuine olive products such as EVO Delnoss.

Hospitality from the heart

Our Names are Dario, Laura, Margherita, Mirco and Matteo and together at Le Dase we have tried to create a simple hospitality with great attention to detail which reflects our family character.

We want to make you feel at home when  you are on holiday and when you are eating.

All together, each of us in our own way, we want to welcome you to our living room which will be your holiday home.

It’s our pleasure to welcome you.


180 recensioni
402 recensioni

Best beef!!!!!

If you want to try the best grilled beef with polenta around Garda Lake you have to come here!!!!! The place is beautiful!!! They are selling olive oil and wine which is made by themselves!!!!!


We had dinner for two and what can I say, everything was perfect! Yummy food, you feel it is home made with fresh and good ingredients. Very good meat, sweet milk w caramel really sublime. Value for money like few restaurants visited until now. I recommend it to anyone who happens to be in Malcesine!

Delicious meat

The best place in Malcesine to enjoy a delicious piece of meat! The service is great and really friendly! It's the perfect place for meat lovers! Strongly recommended!

Simple but delicious

Wonderful rustic atmosphere, friendly service, and very good (though simple) food. Top notch ingredients. The grill is mouthwatering and desserts should not be missed either. There is a playground for kids too which contributes to the nice relaxed atmosphere. Definitely make a reservation!

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